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Physical and occupational therapies are services that are rendered within a home health episode when prescribed by a physician. Patients have the opportunity to receive therapy within their own home. This allows a patient to get accustomed to particular strategies and exercises that can help strengthen them in addition to preventing them from deteriorating. The main advantage of this at home therapy is that the patient and their care taker can learn these exercises that they can continue to do after their services are complete. These therapies are done a few times a week and a personalized schedule is developed at time of intake to meet the patient’s need. The therapists along with the assistants are educated and experienced in the field and are in serviced regularly to be certain that they are trained in all latest therapeutic strategies.

Patients can receive

Physical therapy
Occupational therapy
Respiratory therapy

Private Duty Care

We create a customized care plan for every client and we will carefully match your loved one with a caregiver who is uniquely qualified to provide care for their needs.