Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Reports To: Clinical Supervisor

Job Description Summary

The home health aide is a paraprofessional member of the home care team who works under the supervision of a registered nurse or therapist and performs various personal care services as necessary to meet the patient’s needs. The home health aide is responsible for observing patients, reporting these observations and documenting observations and care performed. The home health aide will be assigned in a manner that promotes quality, continuity and safety of a patients care.

Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the home health aide include, but are not limited to, the following:
1 Providing personal care including:
Back rubs
Oral hygiene
Changing bed linen
Assisting patients with dressing and undressing
Skin care to prevent breakdown
Assisting the patient with toileting activities
Keeping patient’s living area clean and orderly, as appropriate

2. Planning and preparing nutritious meals.
3. Assisting in feeding the patient, if necessary.
4. Taking and recording oral, rectal and axillary temperatures, pulse, respiration and blood pressure when ordered (with appropriate completed/demonstrated skills competency).

Job Limitations

The home health aide will not function in any manner viewed as the practice of nursing according to the Florida State’s Nurse Practice Act, Specifically, the home health aide will not administer medications, take physician’s orders or perform procedures requiring the training, knowledge and skill of a nurse, such as sterile techniques.

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